Sunday, September 25, 2011

New release madness

There is just WAY too much new music today for me to not post something.

Firstly, the new Mastodon album The Hunter, which a few early inter-web listens suggest is extremely awesome.  Check the whole thing out here.

Second, and this one caught me by surprise, Megadeth have posted another track from their forthcoming album TH1RT3EEN on YouTube, Never Dead.  Sounding pretty damned excellent to me so far and I'm optimistic the album will be really good.  The only thing that gives me minor doubts is the fact that two or three of the tracks on there appear to be re-treads of older songs.  Black Swan appeared as a bonus track on some versions of United Abominations, whilst New World Order and Millenium of the Blind (or at least demo versions) date back to Youthanasia.  That being said, Sudden Death and Never Dead in particular are as savage as anything Megadeth have written, so yeah, high hopes for this one.  Here's a taste:

Third, Kasabian release their new album Velociraptor!  I haven't listened to it yet, for me Kasabian are one of those bands I enjoy without getting really excited about (notwithstanding the obviously excellent album title).  It didn't help that the first two Kasabian songs I ever heard were fantastic (Club Foot and Processed Beats) which probably set my expectations a bit high.  Anyway, here's the video for the excellent Processed Beats.

Fourth, Pink Floyd's ambitious reissue project also starts today, with box sets and all sorts of crazy, flash stuff.  I splashed out on the super-mega-ultra version of Dark Side of the Moon because I consider it to be one of the greatest albums of all time.  Here's a video of some dude unboxing said super-mega-ultra version, withsome quite funny comments.

Fifth, Machine Head release their new album Unto the Locust.  Never been huge on Machine Head, but then again I've never delved into them that much either.  Possibly now is the time to start.

Sixth, there is a big deluxe reissue of Nevermind as well.  It's a long way down my list because, frankly, although it is a good album I still think Nirvana were a little over-rated.  They get credited a lot with single-handedly changing music, but in reality they were part of a wider Seattle movement that included Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, as well as others like Mudhoney that barely rate a mention.  And you know it does concern me just a touch when I see kids wearing shirts with pictures of Kurt Cobain and some sort of RIP message, when these kids probably weren't even born when Cobain committed suicide.  Anyway, that might be a topic for a future post.

So, yeah, might be packing lunches from home a bit more often this month.

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