Monday, September 26, 2011

Clutch debut new song and self-titled beer

It seems like it was only yesterday I was writing about exciting new stuff.  Oh wait, it was yesterday.

Well thanks Clutch for making me look like a fool by going and debuting a new song at a live show, a recording of which found its way on to YouTube, uh, yesterday.  The quality isn't amazing, but it's enough to ascertain that this is a further continuation of Clutch's blues-rock awesomeness.  The main riff is very, very groovy and the tempo shift about halfway through is great too.  It feels a little more up-tempo than most of Strange Cousins From the West, which had more of a mid-tempo groove thing going, aside from 10,000 Unstoppable Watts and Freakonomics, of course.

And they've also released their own beer.  That has to be at least as cool as The Sword producing their own hot sauce.

Disclaimer: The author considers Clutch to be the greatest band of all time, and is accordingly is not even vaguely impartial in relation to the above matters.

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