Thursday, April 10, 2014

Primal Fear - Delivering the Black

Primal Fear are a German metal act that have been around since the late 90's, about whom I knew absolutely nothing until I read a review of their latest record, Delivering the Black, in Metal Hammer a month or so ago.  My interest suitably piqued, I decided to check the album out.

The first couple of tracks certainly justified that decision.  Opener King for A Day chugs along with a chunky main riff before breaking into a nice solo section.  It's followed up with Rebel Faction, which kicks the tempo up and shows a significant thrash influence.

The rest of the album doesn't hold to quite the same standard.  There's a couple of mid-tempo tracks (When Death Comes Knocking, Born With a Broken Heart) which have some nice atmospherics but for the most part drag a bit, although the equally mid-tempo Alive and On Fire is a decent hard rock number with shades of AC/DC.  

Although there are one or two slightly throwaway tracks like Never Pray for Justice, there's a lot to like about faster numbers like Delivering the Black and Inseminoid and the 9-minute plus epic One Night In December, all of which show just the right amount of power metal influence without overcooking it and also showcase some nice dual guitar moments.

For metal fans, there's certainly some tracks on here worth tracking out, but as an end-to-end album it's probably not gonna hold your attention on repeat listens.

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