Thursday, June 2, 2011

Listmania #2: A few good videos

Someone reminded me today about the Fatboy Slim track Weapon of Choice.  A lot of the late-90's "big beat" stuff has dated really badly - as a lot of dance music does - but that track, which featured Bootsy Collins on vocals, still sounds pretty damn cool. 

One of the great highlights about Weapon of Choice, though, was the video which featured Christopher Walken and which can be viewed here (boo you, Skint Records, for disabling embedding).

That little reminder was possibly a happy coincidence in terms of timing too, as a decent part of last Saturday evening was spent watching, no appreciating, classic 1990's music videos on 63.  So here it is, a Listmania dedicated to a few of my favourite music videos.

Propellerheads - Crash!
So, while we're on the topic of late-90's big beat music videos, here is this little gem from one-album wonders the Propellerheads. It features Messrs. Gifford and White in a kitchen making breakfast.  With Elvis.  In time to the music.  In a comedic manner.  Look, just watch it.

There's no high science here - it's just a goofy, fun concept which works well with the song.

Soundgarden - Black Rain
Directed by Brendon Small of Metalocalypse fame, this cartoon video has some insanely cool art direction.  And Soundgarden control a huge green robot that fights a weird blue alien thing.  Hey - I didn't say it made any sense.  But for sheer 'hell yeah that's cool' factor, this one's a winner.

Foo Fighters - Big Me
Frankly, this list would not be complete without a Foos vid because they have produced a number of stunners.  But I'm gonna opt for Big Me - a great spoof of the Mentos ads - which was arguably responsible for countless subsequent incidences of b-grade movie spoofing, aerial cross-dressing and Lemmy-related antics.

Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket
Whether or not this is actually a great video, I'm not sure.  But there's something about the way the song's upbeat sound combines with the visuals to create something very fun and nostalgic.  I mean, what kid didn't dream of building a rocket and flying it to the stars?  Well these kids actually did it.  They were obviously also clever enough to cross universes Fringe-style to an alternate reality where Billy wasn't such a complete douchebag and so the classic Pumpkins line-up never disbanded.  Now that's what I call low-percentage.

Nine Inch Nails - Only
Simple, but unbelievably fucking cool - this one has to be watched to be fully appreciated.  Directed by David Fincher, and featuring quite possibly the coolest use of Pin Art of all time.  Rob Sheridan's NIN work is always fantastic too but this is simply exceptional.

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